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Why Economy Leasing?

We Can Save You Money with our cheap car leasing deals

If you choose to lease a car or van from our huge range of models rather than buying a new vehicle outright, you could save a considerable amount of money. The monthly cost of car leasing is far lower than the monthly cost of buying a vehicle – so our affordable leasing deals are clearly a winning option! 

We Offer the Latest Models

Economy Leasing is proud to offer a fantastic range of the latest car models as part of affordable monthly deals, so that you get all the perks of a brand new car at a fraction of the price! 

We deliver straight to your door, free of charge!

We Take Care of Maintenance

Exclusive maintenance offers means we can take the hassle out of your vehicles yearly maintenance with maintenance included contracts covering all the aspects of your vehicles upkeep.

We Take the Hassle out of Getting a New Car or Van

As well as saving you money, leasing is undoubtedly the most convenient and easy way to get a new car. Want to change your car every few years? No problem. Economy Leasing is one of the few contract hire companies in the UK with whom you can do it easily and affordably without the hassle of selling your old car and buying a new one.

Personal Car Leasing

Personal car leasing has become a popular choice over traditional vehicle purchasing. We can help guide you through the various options available with our dedicated leasing specialists on hand to take you through the process.

Personal Contract Hire (PCH) allows a person to lease a vehicle for a fixed monthly amount for a period of between 2 to 5 years although 3 years is the usual term because most manufacturers' warranties run for that period.

A number of factors determine the monthly figure such as the projected resale (residual) value, the cost of the car, the term of the contract and the mileage allowance.

Features of Personal Contract Hire

* Fixed rate of interest

* Low initial outlay-normally 3 months payments

* No depreciation issues

* Monthly budgeting is accurate

* Easy to hand the car back when the agreement ends

* Option to include a maintenance package on a monthly basis

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Business Car Leasing

At Economy Leasing we are specialists in providing business car and van leasing services including, fleet management services and consultation. With a range of finance options available we can help you source the right vehicle with the right contract.

If your business would prefer not to have the hassle and responsibility of owning the car, this option is for you. Business contract hire is one of the most popular services at Economy Leasing, with more than 50% of our clients choosing it. It’s easy to see why, as business contract hire offers:

  • Low initial deposit
  • Fixed monthly payments – making budgeting easier
  • A choice of rental periods from 2 to 4 years
  • Flexible mileage terms
  • Option to add car maintenance costs, relief car, roadside assistance and road tax to monthly rentals – to spread the cost

What’s more, if your business is VAT registered, you can reclaim 50% on the finance side and 100% on the service side using this option.

So, if you want minimum initial costs and to keep depreciating assets off your balance sheets, business contract hire is the option to go for.

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Experts In Car & Van Leasing

If you’re looking to lease a car, we’ve got you covered… 

We’re proud to be amongst the most popular contract hire and car leasing companies within the UK. With a huge range of fantastic models to choose from, complete with flexible and affordable contracts, we make car hire or vehicle leasing quick and easy. Whether it’s for business or personal use – we can get you on the road in a vehicle that suits you and your bank balance perfectly. 

Discover how Economy Leasing can help you with any vehicle contract hire that you require whether you are looking for a personal or business leasing deal.

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