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Leasing from a green perspective

Car leasing from a green perspective

For many people, living a ‘green’ lifestyle wherever possible is very important. This commitment to reducing carbon emissions and living and working in a more sustainable way can apply to everything, from the food you buy to the car you drive.

Greener driving
If you can’t avoid driving – i.e. you work in a location that is practically impossible to reach via public transport – then you might consider going for an eco-friendly vehicle with low CO2 emissions, better fuel efficiency and a hybrid or electric engine. However, these vehicles can be extremely expensive to buy new, which can put them out of the reach of many people.

If you’re concerned about the effect your driving habits have on the environment but you can’t afford a super-eco car, you might be interested to know about something called ‘green car leasing’.

How green car leasing works
For those with a commitment to an eco-friendly lifestyle, or even for businesses with sustainability goals to reach, there is the option to lease cars with low CO2 emissions and impressive engine efficiency and MPG. With only a fixed monthly fee to pay (along with the cost of fuel and running the car), this makes driving an eco-friendly car much more affordable.

Another benefit of leasing a green car is that road tax tends to be lower – in fact, some green vehicles are in the very lowest band of road tax as an incentive for people to drive them. With greater engine efficiency, you can also save money on fuel as you use much less of it.

Why wouldn’t you go green?
If there is a choice between a green car and one that burns more fuel, has much higher carbon emissions and is much more expensive to run, most people with any sense of eco-responsibility will always choose the former. It just makes sense, especially when there’s the option to lease rather than shell out a small fortune to buy a new car upfront. If you plan to buy a green car yourself in the future, a lease is a good opportunity to test out the technology and see what’s available, and find out if it suits your lifestyle.

Business benefits
For businesses, green car leasing also offers the opportunity to tell customers and clients about the steps the company is taking to go greener, making it a real selling point. Eco-friendliness and sustainability are real buzzwords at the moment, and consumers are expecting much more from the businesses they use when it comes to a commitment to ‘going green’. Leasing green cars is just one of the ways you can work towards a greener company ethos.

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Posted on 17th April 2015 at 11:47 AM